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Environmental Services

We are Mosquito.
A full service Earth Works company.

Each project we take on is handled with pride for our industry particularly our people, the community and environment we all are a part of. Whether we are breaking ground for a large up-stream oil production facility or we are stabilizing a natural fish bearing stream bank it is treated with the same consideration as it is all connected.

Mosquito is careful in its choice of projects, engaging only when we know we can provide amazing results. We develop business by developing relationships. Strong successful relationships with our clients provided us with opportunities in civil construction and environmental services since 1999. Let us impress you.

Why Mosquito?

Mosquito has a strong sense of who we are and where we want end up. We have a strong agenda to constantly prove ourselves as a full service “Earth Works” company increasing our prowess and recognition as a top service provider.

The owners of Mosquito have a strong connection to the natural world, leading to a strong sense of responsibility to apply its proven skill set to improve the land and communities in which we live. This goal will be achieved not just fiscally but ethically.

Management is committed to achieve the best possible work life balance for our staff and others in our community. We strive to create a motivated work culture by sourcing like minded individuals who share the goal to thrive in life not just survive. We find the commitment to balance leads to improved production and a positive experience when interacting with Mosquito.

Mosquito continues to grow, as such we precede with the evolution of our safety and reporting systems. Our effective program enables operating safer and with less downtime for people and equipment. Our HS & E program is externally monitored and in good standing with several governing boards and reporting agencies such as ACSA , ISN Networld, Complyworks, WCB Alberta and WCB Saskatchewan. Mosquito first achieved the ACSA SECOR in 2002 before it was mandatory in industry.

What We Do

At Mosquito we provide a solution to your Earth work needs. New site in development or old site in need of reclamation we are interested. We can take your engineered drawings or simple on site meeting from conception to completion. Here is a list outline by industry:


  • New facility construction
  • Existing facility expansion
  • Full site development
  • Granular building and tank foundations as large as 275,000 barrel
  • Perimeter berms for tank cells and site containment
  • Drainage ditch construction and clean out
  • Containment pond construction and lining

Environmental Services

  • Single well reclamation, from “cut & cap” continuing along until the site is better then Mother Nature could have done herself. We can stay in contact with land owners as needed to ensure good relations. We come from a ranch background so we know what is expected.
  • Facility decommissioning, manage the excavation, either remediate or dispose of materials to be hauled off site. Backfill and compact finishing as required.
  • Pipeline construction clean up and line break clean up.
  • Remote site access for soil and water testing, we like the challenge of steep and deep.
  • We will handle the little details such as swamp mats, fencing, vegetation control, water pumping snow removal, purchasing materials and consumables needed for the project all part of our project management model.
  • Riparian and stream bank stabilization.
  • Environmentally sensitive access and clean up.

Public and Commercial Real-Estate Development

  • Foundation excavation
  • Site contouring for aesthetics and drainage or parking lot construction.
  • Site soil stabilization
  • Old building demolition and removal
What We Do - Mosquito Earth Works Services

Our Projects

Husky Energy

Lloydminster Asphalt Refinery

  • Two year site remediation, reshape and design drainage swales and pond. Re-contour tank cells and coat berms.
  • Multi year tank floor repair program. We were responsible for the removal and replacement of granular tank foundations during winter conditions

Lloydminster Upgrader

  • Participated in the many phases multi-year “De-Bottlenecking” project services included, Tank pad construction, site preparation, fire water line excavation and backfill.
  • Two year site drainage system contouring and clean out including the construction of tank accesses and roadways.
  • Various other support services to ongoing construction projects

Field Facilities

  • Husky is kind enough to continually inviting us to take part in most every major facility construction project. Facilities include Oilfield Batterys , SAGD sites, and water disposals, produced sand disposal just to name a few.

Environmental services

  • Clean up of line breaks, and heavy oil spills on land and on water requiring creative and effective execution of clean up.
  • Site fencing  both barded wire and Chain-link
  • Post drilling single well reclamation including seeding
  • Vegetation control

Facility and Field Construction

  • Single well and pad access and construction
  • Civil construction of single pad and Tank farms

Environmental services

  • Clean up of line breaks, and heavy oil spills on land and on water requiring creative and effective execution of clean up.
  • Battery site de-commissioning underground contaminate removal.
  • Site fencing  both barded wire and Chain-link
  • Post drilling single well reclamation including seeding
  • Vegetation control
Plains Marketing

Kindersley Saskatchewan Tank Farm Expansion

Expansion of the Kindersley Tank Farm bare land was transformed with the addition of four 275,000 barrel tanks. Mosquito was given the task as contractor to handle all phases of the civil construction including site stripping and full Bentonite liner continuing onto tank floor ready surface. It was a challenging project fighting wind and frost conditions to meet a tight schedule. The end result was something we are proud of.

Engineering Firms and General Contractors

Sub-Contracting Services

Often large engineering firms and general contractors call upon us as a subcontractor for the civil construction portion of contracts. We will review any documentation available and provide a fixed cost or an estimate depending on the client’s need. This mutually beneficial relationship works well to provide the seamless synergy needed for today’s complex and demanding projects. Mosquito only wants what it specializes in to help ensure proper results. If we can’t do it effectively we will point a client to someone who will.

Environmental Professionals

Project completion

We thrive and get great satisfaction when working with environmental service companies, now more commonly called “liability solution” companies, contracted by major corporations to handle issues that arise in environmental compliance. This sector is where our true passion arises. We found our proven skill set developed in civil construction translates well into environmental projects.

  • Facility Decommissioning
  • Right of way management and access
  • Reclamation and Remediation
  • Clean up of line breaks, and heavy oil spills on land and on water requiring creative and effective execution of clean up.
  • Site fencing  both barded wire and Chain-link
  • Vegetation control
  • Equipment and manpower contracting and management
  • Low impact and remote access projects


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